Recurring Payment and Data Processing

I acknowledge the following personal data stored in the user account of Walletinvestor Kft. (Hungary, 2030, Érd, Balatoni út 103/b.) in the user database of will be handed over to OTP Mobil Ltd. and is trusted as data processor. The data transferred by the data controller are the following:
Name, Email address.

After subscribing to our services, we can only charge you during the upcoming 2 years starting from the date of the first payment, or 24 times during the 2 years period following the first payment. Simplepay limits the number of payments that can be accepted from a user (only 24 tokens are available per user)  and the maximum value of each token is 600 USD.

The nature and purpose of the data processing activity performed by the data processor in the SimplePay Privacy Policy can be found at the following link:


Recurring credit card payment (hereinafter referred to as Recurring payment) is a function included in the acceptance of credit cards provided by SimplePay meaning that in the future it is possible to make payments with credit card details provided by the Customer during the registration transaction without giving credit card details again.

By accepting this statement to use Recurring payment you allow to make subsequent payments made from your user account in this online store ( ) without providing credit card details and you allow for the Merchant to make the payment without your transactional approval.

Please note: the processing of credit card details is in accordance with the rules of card issuers. Neither the merchant nor SimplePay has access to the credit card data.

The Merchant shall assume direct liability for false or unauthorized recurring payments initiated by the Merchant, any claim enforcement against the Merchant’s payment service provider (SimplePay) shall be unavailable.

I have read this notification, I take notice of its content and accept it.