Announcing WalletInvestor’s Historical Index: Coins and Stocks listed on our statistics page receive a rating according to market data

We are pleased to announce you that we added a new feature to our cryptocurrency and stock market statistics page on that showcases ratings for the projects listed: WalletInvestor’s Historical Index. We wanted to give you a short explanation on how we calculate these ratings to offer clarity on their understanding. There are 9 rating types for the digital assets, we order them from best to least preferable:

  • A+,
  • A,
  • B+,
  • B,
  • C,
  • D,
  • D-,
  • E,
  • E-
  • / *

As you might have guessed “C” is the middle of the pack or a neutral value. Every new coin or stock asset that surfaces on exchanges (that has available historical market data) starts out with “C” and moves upwards or downwards according to certain technical conditions.

Our algorithm takes the following data into consideration when changing the ratings:

  • 7 day price (value) gain or loss
  • 30 day price (value) gain or loss
  • Price gain or loss since addition
  • Volatility during the measured time interval
  • Market Cap analysis

..Additional metrics will follow

Data that our algorithm can’t take into consideration:

We can’t analyze fundamental values or properties. Bitcoin, Altcoins and Stocks are volatile assets, fundamental reasons can take a huge effect on their market values, specially with coins or shares that have a lower market cap. We can not be taken liable on developers going missing or errors found in the code of these projects.

Special notice:

These values will be recalculated on a daily or a weekly basis depending on how much additional data is present. Keep in mind that these ratings are not trying to evaluate the actual value of certain projects or companies as markets can be unreasonable for longer periods. We simply try to rate them according to their historical data and investment value. Since this is a new feature we are still refining our algorithm as we see fit, so you might see some changes as we move forward.

* notice:

Some cryptocurrecies are issued as a stablecoin and are pegged to a fiat currency, we only advise buying them as a possible temporary hedge against cryptocurrencies, but these should not be considered as investments.